What Is the Electrical Panel & How Will It Make Your Electrical System Safer & More Secure?

The Electrical panel is the heart of your entire home’s electrical system. How is this possible? Think of the functions of the most important organ in your body — the heart. The heart pumps constantly to keep blood traveling through the body. With the help of the veins and arteries, blood is carried out to other organs and limbs, keeping you alive.

How is this relevant to your home’s electrical panel? The panel is in charge of providing power to your house. With the help of circuits and wires, electricity is carried throughout your home, therefore keeping all of your electrical devices alive. These include televisions, computers, refrigerators, and lights.

Did You Know?

More than 50% of all homes may have electrical panels that cannot support their needs. This is because many homes were built during or before the 1970s — before advanced technology in electric systems was invented. Obsolete electrical panels are susceptible to malfunction, which leads to possible shock and fire risks. Many of these obsolete panels have been known to operate properly for years, but if and when they do malfunction, a disaster could occur.