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In the acceptable quality of solar panels, their efficiency is more than 86% compared to south-face panels. So they will perform well on any roof face, south, west, or East.

Generally, panels can be placed on the roof or the ground quickly. The smallest Sunpower package consists of 8 solar panels that will fit on a garage roof. They are highly optimized to generate the most power in m2.

No, in the daylight, they could store enough energy; the optimum condition for the best working effect is at 10 ºc. Against public belief in higher degrees, they are working significantly inefficiently.

Some values must be considered in choosing the best panels, value for money, performance, and guarantee specifications. Get in touch for our knowledgeable team’s advice.

You will directly buy from a manufacturer, and the most protection levels are related to the most expensive types of panels, so please make your decision wisely and ensure the details of guarantees.

The solar panel installation project does all the installation details. After delivery to the owner, training videos on how to work with it and maintenance will be provided and an on call support. In this simple installation method Holders and shelves are installed, then place the panels on the rails and screw them perfectly. Arrange the necessary wiring for the household appliances. Fit the storage Sunpower batteries in the way of panels. This is done by our experienced technicians.

In this case, we will handle all the work and details and you only have to sign the necessary permits. The installation process by our company takes a day to complete Ideally.

The size of your solar system more than every things is depending on your annual power consumption and its not related to how you have space on your roof building.  utility companies considered some limitation. If your region utility company allows you have a system with the capacity of all your usage, our company will do it.

Don’t forget to provide your electrical usage history over the past 12 month, this helps us to select the size of your panels perfectly.

In reality all solar systems aren’t off grid, in the totally off grid systems you need solar power. It will make you independence completely. this is costly but reliable and your power bill will decrease well, this is a saving for the costs you did.

Ideally we prefer that the announced expenses were very real and transparent. Since the installation of solar cells for each house is a unique project, the details can be different. By checking all the details of your project, we do our best to make our proposal accurate.

Yes, you can add the Sunpower batteries later. With use of micro inverters, you’ll need to install batteries which store the AC power. Batteries such as the Enphase Encharge and the Tesla Powerwall 2.

we always offer Enphase Encharge batteries. The Encharge 3 has 3.36 kWh of storage, and the Encharge 10 offers 10.08 kWh. If you are seeking for the best feedback, choose the best types of batteries.


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