The process to “Green Mile Energy” can be viewed from two perspectives: Customer’s and Installer’s. We make the process simple for our customers. See the detailed steps below describing customer’s and installer’s responsibilities:


  • Learn about Going Solar
  • Make decision to Go Solar
  • Sign Contract
  • Provide access and information if/as needed
  • Make payment(s)
  • Enjoy the benefits


  • Understand your goals and requirements
  • Understand your current usage and rate plan
  • Create an initial design based on satellite imagery and design tools
  • Discuss the initial solution options, costs, and arrive at go-forward plan
  • Conduct a site analysis
  • Create the final plan
  • Sign the Contract
  • Permitting and, if required, HOA approval
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Net-Meter Installation
  • Permission-To-Operate