Solar panel size and weight

Solar panel size and weight

Solar panel systems are an increasingly common sight on rooftops all across the U.S., but it can be difficult to figure out how big solar panels are and how much they weigh unless you climb up onto a roof. In this article, we’ll help you understand solar panel size, solar panel weight, and whether your roof can support a solar panel system that produces enough wattage to meet the daily energy needs of your household.

How big is a solar panel?

There are three main sizes of solar panels to know: 60-cell, 72-cell, and 96-cell. For commercial and residential solar panels, the 60-cell and 72-cell solar panels size are most commonly used as the 96-cell measures 17.5 square feet – which can make for a challenging fit on your roof.

60-Cell Solar Panels

The standard solar panel size, the 60-cell is structured as a 6×10 grid and measures 3.25 feet by 5.5 feet.

72-Cell Solar Panels

The average 72-cell solar panel size measures 3.25 feet by 6.42 feet and is laid out as a 6 x 12 grid, making them almost a foot taller than the 60-cell standard-size panels. Given their large physical size, 72-cell solar panels may be awkward to carry, which is why two people are often required for installation.

96-Cell Solar Panels

The 96-cell panel possesses an 8 x 12 grid structure that measures 41.5 inches by 62.6 inches.

Solar Panel Size Chart
60-cell39″66″1.3 – 1.6″
72-cell36″77″1.3 – 1.6″


What is the effect of solar panel size?

Solar panel size and numbers are important considerations if you have a small or unusually shaped roof. With a large usable roof area, perhaps you can sacrifice some efficiency and buy larger panels (at a lower cost per panel) to get to your target energy output. But if your usable roof area is limited, or if it’s partially shaded, being able to use fewer smaller high-efficiency panels may be the best way to make the most possible power over the long term, ultimately saving you more money.

How Big Are Portable / RV Solar Panels?

The other use case to look at is small panels for mobile/remote use. These are the panels used for RVs, boats, and remote applications like solar-powered streetlights.

Unlike traditional 60 and 72-cell panels, which are standardized across the industry, smaller panels come in a wide range of sizes. Tiny 5-watt panels take up less than 1 square foot of space.

Picking the right panels for your boat or RV comes down to making the most of the limited space available. Though full-sized panels can certainly work on the road, you often won’t have the space to mount them, so most people with RVs or boats need a smaller option. Typically these panels come in standard 12-volt or 24-volt output.

How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh?

In addition to physical size, people often ask us how much solar panels weigh. Panels can be quite heavy and it can be a challenge to lift them onto your roof, especially if you are working alone.

As a rule of thumb, we tell people that full-sized panels weigh between 40-60 pounds. It varies a bit based on the products used by the manufacturer.

The real challenge with lifting panels is not so much their weight, but the fact that their physical size makes them awkward to carry.

One person can manage a 60-cell panel, but it’s generally safer to enlist two people to carry 72-cell panels because they are over 6 feet tall. They can easily sway and cause you to lose balance, especially in windy conditions, so we advise everyone to err on the side of caution.

Solar panel weight by manufacturer
Solar panel manufacturerSolar panel weight (60-cell residential panels)
SolarWorld40 – 47 lbs
LG38 lbs
Canadian Solar40 – 51 lbs
Hyundai38 – 41 lbs
Hanwha SolarOne40 – 42 lbs
Hanwha Q CELLS41 lbs


Solar panels are a great way to save money on your electric bill and protect the environment. They can be expensive, but they pay for themselves in the long run. If you’re not sure if solar panels are right for you, we offer free consultations. Solar panels are a good investment for your home or business and will help you save money and energy for years to come.

With us, you get one-stop shopping when it comes to solar panel installation in California. We’ll take care of everything from start to finish, so you can enjoy the benefits of clean energy worry-free. Get a free quote today and find out how much you can save with solar panels. Call us today for more information, or simply fill out the form on the home page and our experts will contact you.


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