What’s on your roof?

Photovoltaic solar panel generates electricity from absorbing the sun’s energy. We offer custom designed and installed grid-tied solar electric systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. With in-house design and engineering capabilities, Green Mile Energy employs the most advanced professional tools available. Using the latest in CAD technology, and working together with architects, engineers, builders and property owners, we are able to seamlessly integrate our designs to assure the installation is not only technically sound, but also aesthetically pleasing.


Stay charged wherever you park—overnight at home, during the day at your place of work
Our team has been trained to install Vehicle charging equipment and adhere to strict quality, permitting, and inspection requirements. We can install Car chargers at your home or place of business. Many of our customers choose to install solar panels to keep their Electric Cars charged without seeing a major impact on their energy consumption.


For everyone that wants true energy independence and control over their power.
More and more homeowners are choosing a solar system with a battery bank because they not only save money when the grid is up, they have power during outages for their critical needs such as refrigerators, lighting or an Internet modem. Battery storage gives you comfort and peace of mind especially in our hurricane-prone area. Contact us to discuss a solution fitting your situation.


Is your system malfunctioning?
Have a system installed by someone else that is not properly functioning? Although we would prefer not to be fixing systems installed by others, we understand that there is nothing better than a happy customer enjoying free power from the sun, so call us if one day you regret that you didn’t hire us first!