Have your own home sun with  Enphase IQ Batteries

Have your own home sun with Enphase IQ Batteries

The Enphase IQ Battery is an advanced battery generated with the latest knowledge of solar systems for the highest safety, compatibility, and saving. This battery is fully integrated with all solar systems.

It is designed by LFP & cobalt-free to reach the highest safety and durability. It includes three base IQ Battery 3 storage units with a total power capacity of up to 10.08 kWh. Significant design by Micro inverters inside the battery preserved from failure in the future. Concerning power start technology of Enphase solar batteries, which can be adjusted to assign the power to all appliances and lights at sunset.

The simplicity in design and installation are made it a need in all houses.

The body is specified for harsh weather conditions from -4º F to 113º F, equipped with a cooling system Enphase IQ doesn’t need any extra parts.

The good news is that you can control and monitor the battery and the solar system capacity and quality of working with its custom-built app on your mobile and remote. It is made in this application to switch or turn off a part of the system or the batteries.

The Enphase IQ battery with a modular structure gives you the possibility to grow in higher needs when it should require more energy.

The intelligent Storm Guard system on IQ batteries has enabled storing energy by detecting terrible.

 Encharge 3™ Encharge 10™
 Energy Capacity* 3.36 kWh 10.08 kWh
 Peak Power Output 1.92 kVA peak 5.7 kVA peak
 Continuous Power Output 1.28 kVA continuous 3.84 kVA continuous
 Dimensions 14.45” x 26.14” x 12.56” 42.13” x 26.14” x 12.56”
 Warranty 10 years 10 years
 Generator support Included Included


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