what are solar benefits?

what are solar benefits?

what are solar benefits ?or The benefits of solar panels: why go solar? Solar energy is known as renewable and clean energy with an immortal solar source; converting it into usable energy by the solar cell system is a new and unique way to have warm houses. Solar power reaching the earth every day is enough to consume all the people on the planet for a year. Our art should be to capture this great source of energy and use it well. The advanced, practical technologies scientifically known as photovoltaics (PV) solar panels with an affordable price for your home pave the way for your power generation system. The planet can no longer tolerate the use of fossil fuel environmental effects and need immediate attention. We have the opportunity to live more comfortably and safely by relying on new advances. There are many reasons why we have to focus on solar systems. 1- this is entirely pollution-free without any greenhouse emissions at working 2- with this system, you will be free from using fossil fuels 3- you will be expected to have continual electricity power under your control; even on cloudy days with low sunlight will have some power. 4- return your money to store the power in solar batteries 5-  in reality, no maintenance needs because of solar panel durability of over 30 years 6- Expanding new job opportunities as solar installers, panel manufacturers, etc. .its will be caused the local economy to grow. 7- provide an unexpected income by selling back the extra power to the utility grid 8- you could be expected to live grid free if your solar systems could supply well 9- there is not any space limitation for installing the solar panels in your home building or on the farm. 10 – Use of batteries as power backup for nights and outage 11- the generated electricity can be used to heat water or charge your car 12- your solar systems could work more efficient every day 13- you can harmonize the solar system with your home 14- the government assistance will help you to go to the solar power

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