wood shingles and wood shakes roofing

wood shingles and wood shakes roofing

As humanity continues its march toward a high-tech future, many of us yearn for something that reminds us of simpler times. Though we may love our gadgets and all the stylings that they have inspired, our eyes can only process so much smoothness, uniformity, and mass-produced sleekness. Eventually, we crave a return to nature.

Using wood shingles or cedar wood shakes is one of the best ways to introduce a natural touch to your everyday life. Your house’s roof is more than just protection against the elements. When you take in the view of a house, you have an emotional response to its design.

Wood Roof Shingles

Today, shingles are no longer sawn but rather manufactured by machines — meaning their uniform nature is only enhanced. When you hold a single tile in your hands, you’ll notice that both sides are smooth and consistent, and the overall piece tapers for ease in installation.

Wood Roof Shakes

Modern wood shakes are also made using contemporary technology. One side will deliver the hand-split texture that some homeowners love, but the opposite side is typically smooth and sawn. Shakes are also much thicker than shingles, which leads to a much different appearance after installation.


In terms of appearance, wood shakes provide a thick textured appearance and give a roof beautiful depth and dimension. This is due to the varying grain patterns, ridges, and grooves that occur during the splitting process. Wood shakes have a rugged appearance, with each piece looking a bit different than the rest.

Wood shingles are much more uniform in appearance, they have a smooth, flat appearance. Homeowners enjoy using wood shingles as siding on a home’s exterior because of their beautiful uniform appearance.


The most durable type of wood roofing material is heavy hand-split cedar shakes, often referred to as heavy 3/4” inch natural cedar shakes. Heavy hand-split cedar shakes are the most durable type of wood roofing because they offer the thickest amount of protection to protect against hail, UV sunlight, heavy rain, and wind.


Wood shakes are thicker and more durable option than traditional wood shingles, which means they are generally more expensive than wood shingles as well. Heavy wood shakes are also more challenging for roofing contractors to install due to their weight and unique layered appearance. While wood roofing may be more costly than other types of roofing materials, it’s also the longest-lasting option. Keep that in mind when considering your roofing options.

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